At the end of this month Startup 425 will be traveling to Barcelona, Spain, to participate in the world’s largest platform for the mobile industry, the Mobile World Congress. The Mobile World Congress is designed to help drive society’s digital transformation with focus on three areas: digital empowerment, digital transformation, and digital innovation.

Startup 425’s participation in the Mobile World Congress will provide crucial opportunities for the Eastside’s technology focused entrepreneurs to reach European audiences.

The Journey to Mobile World Congress

Eastside communities’ know it takes a village to raise a startup and it is this passion to help their startups reach global markets that fueled the idea for the business development trip. Studies have shown that companies that sell in multiple countries are more stable over the long term and create more jobs, a key metric for economic developers. After evaluating different trade show options over the last two years, the partners decided the startup-focused portion of Mobile World Congress was the best fit for the direction of Eastside’s growth. The test pilot for 2017 revolves around a small pavilion.

In order to secure one of only six pavilion spots available at the pavilion, startups were subjected to a competitive process to demonstrate its potential of growing European sales and creating important connections to the European market.

The six tech startups – AppEpic, Evam, NewSky Security, Quantyzd, Splainers, VIAR 360 – represent several communities in the 425 area code. In preparation for the Mobile World Congress, they are participating in a series of pre-show workshops created in cooperation with the Washington State Department of Commerce and the Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle. All Eastside communities are dedicated to staying globally engaged and diverse and these workshops have been designed to ensure each individual startup will receive maximum results from the business opportunities available at the Mobile World Congress.

Mobile World Congress Brings International Opportunities

While at the Mobile World Congress, Startup 425 will be featured in the “4 Years From Now” (4YFN) section. As a platform designed for early stage companies that are developing next generation mobile technologies and software, 4YFN is an ideal fit for Startup 425. The Eastside is already one of the most well-educated and innovation-focused communities in the U.S. Diversity is our strength and there are so many bright ideas in our community that can be accelerated by exposure to other bright ideas from around the world.


Smart Cities Participating in Mobile World Congress

Photo Courtesy of GSMA

All of the Startup 425 partner communities – Bellevue, Issaquah, Kirkland, and Renton – are bullish on international business. The cities have benefited from the global businesses, already engaged on the Eastside through the jobs and investment they’ve brought, as well as attracting the world-class talent that calls the region home. A lot of the relationships with foreign companies are developed over long periods of time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and we hope that engaging with the startup community at 4 Years From Now will make the area top of mind for the next generation of world changing companies when they look for their first offices in the U.S.

“Attending the Mobile World Congress and 4 Years From Now with this group of entrepreneurs is a really unique business opportunity,” said James Henderson, director of economic development for the City of Bellevue. “We’re excited that Startup 425 was able to make this trip happen. Exposing our entrepreneurs to dynamic foreign markets and connecting Europe’s entrepreneurs to our own will benefit firms on both sides.”

Startup 425 is honored for the opportunity to attend the Mobile World Congress and is eager to promote Eastside as the ideal hub for the leaders in technology to a broader international audience.

If you are a technology entrepreneur who is hungry for growth Eastside is where you need to be. Contact Startup 425 today to discuss your future at Eastside, the capital for hungry and talented technology innovators.