A Collaborative Effort

Startup 425 is a collaborative effort to expand entrepreneurship opportunities across Eastside communities by helping you turn that idea into reality. We believe great business is built upon and centered around an idea.

 Our Mission

Our mission is to provide access to tools that experienced workers, students, and entrepreneurs need to go from idea to working business in a successful, sustainable manner. We lower the barriers to entry for non-traditional and first-time founders. This keeps our ecosystem diverse, encourages spontaneous collaboration, and provides pathways to prosperity for our whole community.

The talented individuals working at Eastside institutions like Microsoft, Google, Boeing, Valve, and others create an energy where innovation is the norm, entrepreneurship is the goal, and building the future is the outcome.

Pillars and Core Values

DIVERSITY – Diversity is our strength. We distinguish ourselves through our inclusive environment and strong focus on the Eastside’s diverse population.

STEWARDSHIP – We act like owners. We build long term relationships with our members, keep a “can do” attitude, and focus on value adding activities.

CONNECTION – It takes a village to raise a startup. We use our global network to connect people, ideas, and resources for the benefit of the community.

TENACITY – Rome wasn’t built in a day. We encourage ourselves and our members to think long term and be persistent in building toward their goals.

RESPONSIVENESS – We take feedback seriously. We stay engaged with our members, solicit feedback from experts, and adjust our work to meet market needs.

A Regional Partnership

Startup 425 is an initiative of five communities on Seattle’s Eastside (Bellevue, Kirkland, Issaquah, Redmond, and Renton), in partnership with the Port of Seattle. Our mission is to support creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship on the Eastside. Our program partners help make our services possible.

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Startup 425 aims to build more than just great companies. We work to build a space where our region’s diversity and creativity is reflected in the programming, the users, and the culture—a place where business success is measured by community impact.

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